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Courage And Confidence

The phone near my desk was ringing. Someone called me to join a meeting. I prepared my notebook and print out some documents. My heart beats faster. I must explain something in the meeting, exactly. Though already prepared everything, still nervous.

I enter a meeting room and ‘wow’ many people inside, some of them are japanese. Oh God, should I explain in english ?. One by one is speaking, and finally my turn is come. Just a moment after my bos let me speak, a room was silent for a while, and.. finally I speak, of course in English. I almost never speak in english in a meeting, but the show must go on. I’m not sure that every people understand what I present. From that moment, I realize that my english is so terrible.

When we have disadvantages (a language, in my case) the thing that could help us are courage and confidence. Please remember this words: “If you can’t be strong, be brave”.


2 respons untuk ‘Courage And Confidence

  1. ririn berkata:

    the power of “kepepet” kang, 😀 and you are so great. *two thumbs up*
    sometimes, in certain condition all of abilities will show up by themselves.

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